I'm working on a few things...


                                                 KELSA'S SALSA

I make a totally wicked crazy good salsa. I've been wanting to get it marketed for years. When I was in Toronto I had the same company that does the marketing for Pepsi on board to put a plan together, they started to do labels etc. and it was exciting, then I left the country and they had some staff changes and everything fizzled. But it is THE best salsa, in fact it was created because I'd buy salsa, and like this about it but not that, I'd buy another and the same thing, this was great but didnt like that, so I put together everything I did like, leaving out what I didn't.... and Kelsa's Salsa was created. If you're interested in this in any way, if you'd like to climb on board and help get a 'to die for' salsa on the market and make some money too... I'd like, no LOVE to hear from you. 



                                         Emergency Nail Repair


I can't say too much about the details on this because the actual concept, the actual product idea is OUTSTANDING and why it's not already on the shelves is a total mystery. Ladies; have you not been out and broken a nail, especially a gel or acrylic, and wish you had some way to repair it so it doesn't stand out. It feels awful and men; you even know how much it sucks because we tell you, right then and there 'damn I broke my nail'. Sometimes it's shredded or so sharp we can cut ourselves or others. If it's gel or acrylic it feels even worse to have that one bare nail, awful!. Well imagine having a little kit in your purse that has everything in it you'd need to fix that busted nail, in just a few minutes. Everything you need right there, easy to use, and your nail will look as good as it did, and hold long enough until you can get to the salon. This is the type of thing that I need an investor for, I need funds to put it all together and to work out a few things in the lab. There's an element that needs to be created chemically, and that costs money. I've shopped the idea to SALLY'S and others and they LOVE IT. I've also asked over 60 women if they'd buy it if it existed and as welll as saying yes, they've all asked why it doesn't. This is a no-brainer, if i can't raise the funds through an investor I'll do a kickstarter or Go Fund Me but is NEEDS to hit the shelves and in turn make you and I TONS OF MONEY!!



                                                 Way Back When                                                  

This is a TV Show (or internet), It's all about celebrities and what they did 'Way Back When', before they became famous. There's a 'Candid Camera' element to the show too; Keanu Reeves used to sharpen ice skates, Brad Pitt..was the El Pollo Loco chicken, or how bout getting your double glazed at Dunkin Donuts and its' Madonna hehind the donut maker! I've done the treatment and tons of research on celebrities and what they did Way Back When. The key to this show is the interaction, seeing the star doing something we're not used to, and have them show us how it's done. I'm the host of this fun show, but it's also inspirational and even educational. There's alot of ways to go about this, we could shoot a pilot, or a presentation pilot, if you're interested in just funding that's another option, if you're an established producer maybe we can pitch the concept.....Once again I'm open here. I haven't revealed the entire deliciousness of the show so it doesn't get stolen, but I will, once we talk and you sign a non disclosure.