I grew up in Anmore, a tiny village of less than 200 people North West of the Vancouver B.C. area. Ironically Ma Murry, a legendary journalist grew up in the same tiny town. She, like someone else I know, was a tad salty and had 'little to no' education, but she was way ahead of her time. Back in the late 1800's, she ran a cluster of newspapers finishing her stories with "...and that's fer damn sure". 'Canada's Crusty Queen of Publishing' was full of piss and vinegar, maybe it was that Anmore water but I seem to have acquired a similar trait or two....


My parents split and we left Anmore when I was just beginning my tenure as one helluva rebellious teen. We moved to Coquitlam, closer to but still outside of Vancouver, where I struggled with school and fitting in.. I always knew I was going to be in the entertainment business so it seemed senseless to be learning y & z = m2 squared x 3. Clearly not for me, so....I eventually dropped out, and at 16 got a job, bought a car and moved out of the house.


I waitressed/bartended and partied HARD for many years until a car crash almost sidelined me for good. While I was recovering I finally realized I was going nowhere fast, so when I was able, I began pursuing an acting career.. knowing I'd need some form of income I saw an ad for flight attendants, I applied and got it!! So I did work for a couple of years as a flight attendant but also fell into broadcasting while looking to support my acting career.


I started out hostessing in the promotions department at CFOX, and worked my way up by hounding them to let me on the air. They finally did, I was doing live cut-ins from the cruiser and at events, then started to do the overnight shift, then weekends and finally mornings. Did as much work as possible before feeling a strong pull to give Toronto a try.


So...I sublet my totally awesome downtown apt., packed up, got in my car and headed East. Luckily I got work shortly after arriving, I booked the lead in a film called Spero (which has never been released due to lack of funds), and was hired to be the Canadian segment host of The Howard Stern Show on Q107. I mc'ed for The Blue Jays and The Argonauts (was the first woman to mc for the CFL), also mc'ed for The Toronto Rock which was huge...  continued to act as well and after about four years, quit The Q, and went to Halifax to host BT (Breakfast Television), one of the hosts was taking an extended leave so I filled in for almost a year. It was a lot of fun, got good tape, which got me an agent in the U.S. and applied for my papers.


Went back to Vancouver while working on getting into the states, got back on at CFOX as well as Rock 101 and MOJO (all the same company). Eventually I got a gig at the NBC affiliate in Philly so...back in my car I go, headed East again. For a variety of reasons I really didn't like it there and after a couple of months I begged to be let out of my contract, finally they sent me to Chicago. I was so happy, I'd be moving up a market and was going to do traffic in the chopper for FOX on Good Day Chicago!!! ....better learn the freeways fast! I also did traffic at 97.9 WLUP The legendary Loop until The Weather Channel got a hold of my tape from BT, and offered me a great gig. They'd been looking for a host of a new segment they were calling 'Road Crew'. So.... on the road again, now from Chicago to Atlanta where TWC is located. I traveled the country doing live and taped reports from interesting places, and I've been to every single state.


After traveling five out of seven days, 52 weeks a year, I once again got in my car but this time I headed West to L.A. where I am to this very day. I'm still acting and auditioning, doing radio (mostly news and traffic) part time, and as always looking for more!! Luckily I love what I do. I've also been teaching both acting and hosting, and just starting up a mobile audition coaching/taping business and have several projects I'm working on.